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Dunroven House Homespun Tea Towels

Welcome to our wonderful selection of tea towels! Our low price is just $2.99 each for woven and $3.29 printed. Regularly $4.95 and $5.29. Great for home decorating, basket liners, curtain valances, tote bags, pillows, clothing or see our tea towel patterns for more ideas. They make wonderful gifts just as they are or embellish them with hand or machine embroidery or appliqué.  These high quality tea towels are heavy weight, 100% cotton, 20" x 28" with twill tape in corner for ease of hanging for all your crafting and home decor needs. Images are about 5" squares.
TO ORDER :  Select individual images below to add to your Shopping Cart OR see all our Towels ► Here

New! Solid Mint Tea Towel

New! Solid Melon Tea Towel

New! Solid Yellow Tea Towel

New! Melrose Mint Towel

New! Melrose Melon Tea Towel

New! Solid Teal Tea Towel
 Dunroven House Printed Towels

Polka Dots Printed Teal Towel

Polka Dots Printed Red/White Towel

Polka Dots Printed Lime Towel
 Dunroven Homespun Towels

Country Cupboard Lime/Yellow Towel

Country Cupboard Orange/Yellow Towel

Country Cupboard Blue/Yellow Towel

Mini-check Lime/White Towel

Mini-check Orange/White Towel

Mini-check Turquoise/White Towel

Mini-check Pink/White Towel

Mini-check Yellow/White Towel

Mini-check Light Blue/White Towel

Mini-check Rose/White Towel

Mini-check Lt Green/White Towel

Mini-check Dk Green/White Towel

Mini-check Red/White Towel

Mini-check Navy/White Towel

Mini-check Black/White Towel

Minicheck Gray/White Towel

Mini-check Light Brown/Tea Dyed Towel

Mini-check Sage/Tea Dyed Towel

Mini-check Green/Tea Dyed Towel

Mini-check Red/Tea Dyed Towel

Mini-check Navy/Tea Dyed Towel

Mini-check Black/Tea Dyed Towel

Mini-check Wheat/Cream Towel

Buffalo Check Wheat & Cream Towel

Creekside Lime Towel

Creekside Orange Towel

Creekside Purple Towel

Multi-pane Sage/Cream 0409 Towel

Multi-pane Red/Cream Towel

Multi-pane Dijon/Cream Towel

Reverse Double Pane Green Towel

Reverse Double Pane Red Towel

Reverse Double Pane Navy Towel

Reverse Windowpane Green Towel

Reverse Windowpane Red Towel

Reverse Windowpane Pane Navy Towel

House Check Light Green/White Towe

House Check Rose/White Towel

House Check Light Blue/White Towel

House Check Yellow/White Towel

House Check Black/White K314-BLK Towel

House Check/Wheat and Cream Towel

House Check Green/Tea Dyed Towel

House Check Red/Tea Dyed Towel

House Check Navy/Tea Dyed Towel

House Check Black/Tea Dyed 737-54 Towel

Window Sash Navy Towel

Window Sash Brown Towel

Window Sash Deep Sage Towel

Window Sash Red Towel

Window Sash Provincial Blue Towel

Window Sash Pumpkin Towel

Window Sash Terra Cotta Towel

Window Sash Dijon Towel

Mini-stripe Chambray/White Towel

Mini-stripe Sage/White Towel

Mini-stripe Red/White Towel

Pillow Ticking Red/White Towel

Pillow Ticking Green/White Towel

Pillow Ticking Black/White Towel

Pillow Ticking Red/Cream Towel

Pillow Ticking Green/Cream Towel

Pillow Ticking Black/Cream Towel

Pillow Ticking Navy/Cream Towel

Small check Red 803-32 Towel

Small Plaid Brown/Sage/Teadye Tea Towel

 Best for Embroidery - Hand or Machine:

Towel is 20" x 28" (shown left). McLeod Tea Dyed or White Center,and Double Stripe Towel shown right    

McLeod Brown/White Towel

McLeod Orange Towel

McLeod Lavender Towel

McLeod Pink/White Towel

McLeod Yellow/White Towel

McLeod Purple/White Towel

McLeod Turquoise/White Towel

McLeod Lime/White Towel

McLeod Red/White Towel

McLeod Chambray/White Towel

McLeod Green/White Towel

McLeod Navy/White Towel

McLeod Black/White Towel

McLeod Gray/White Towel

McLeod Red/Tea Dyed Towel

McLeod Green/Tea Dyed Towel

McLeod Navy/Tea Dyed Towel

McLeod Black/Tea Dyed Towel

McLeod Brown/Tea Dyed Towel

Double Stripe Purple Towel

Double Stripe Black Towel

Double Stripe Navy Towel

Double Stripe Turquoise Towel

Double Stripe Lime Towel

Double Stripe Pink Towel

Double Stripe Dijon Towel

Double Stripe Willow Towel

Double Stripe Terra Cotta Towel

Double Stripe Brown Towel

Double Stripe Pumpkin Towel

Double Stripe Cranberry Towel

Double Stripe Red Towel

Double Stripe Blue Towel

Solid Heather Chambray Towel

Solid Heather Sage Towel

Solid Heather Red Towel

Solid Lavender Towel

Solid Cream Towel

Solid Wheat Towel

Solid Turquoise Towel

Solid Pink Towel

Solid Lime Towel

Solid Dijon Towel

Solid Purple Towel

Solid Orange Towel

Solid Red Towel

Solid Cranberry Towel

Solid Navy Towel K310-N

Solid Sage Towel K310-S

Solid Forest Green Towel

Solid Brown Towel

Solid Gray Towel

Solid Bright Red Towel

Solid Cadet Blue Towel

Solid Black Towel

Solid White Towel



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