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Tea Fabric

Tea Print Fabric, Ink & Arrow Tea rrific Tea Time, Panel, and many more; Cupcakes - free Pattern sbelow

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Tea Ink & Arrow Tea rrific Tea Pack Set
25777 V Purple

Tea Ink & Arrow Tea rrific Overlapping
Tea Packets 25779 E Ivory

Tea Ink & Arrow Tea rrific Tea Talk
25776 H Green Tea

Tea Time Patchwork Panel
23670 X Multi

Tea Time Multi Colored Teacups
Black 23762 J

Tea Time Multi Colored Teacups
Multi 23762 Z

Tea Time Tossed Teacups Red 23761 R

Tea Time Tossed Teacups Black 23761 J

Tea Time Tossed Teacups Blue 23761 B

Tea Time Tossed Teapots on Grid
23761 X Multi

Short and Stout Panel
22416 E 18 Motifs ~6 x6

Short and Stout Border Stripe
22417 JH

Tea Cups CA 3012 4C Cream Multi

Tea Pots CA 3014 4C Turquoise

Metro cafe Retro Tea Pink AMF 12978 256

Tea Home Panel SW 2056 3C Multi (36 x 44")

Tea Cup Floral SW 2058 3C Blue

Sweet Scrolls SW 2066 3C Blue

Afternoon Delight Panel 23351 J Black

Afternoon Delight Sweets Blue 23352 Q

Shop Hop Tea Pots Tossed 26926 B Blue

Afternoon Delight Tea Pots Black 23353 J

Afternoon Delight Tea Pots Red 23353 R

Afternoon Delight Tea Pots Teal 23353 Q

Tea Party Vines Red Y0549 4

Tea Party Floral  Rose Y0545 4

Teacups and Roses Blueberries 3607 Blue

All Things Good Tea Panel
15 Blocks ~6"x7" C7895 Navy

All Things Good Tea Toss
C7899 Blue

All Things Good Tea Toss 
C7899 Ivory

All Things Good Daisy 15 C7897 Blue

Cream and Sugar 36117 White

Land of Tea Panel

Love at First Bite Cupcakes 35521 2 Green

Hey Cupcake Cupcakes 21969

Sweet Treats Cupcakes 22981 P Pink

Chocolate Deserts CX2916 Brown

Love at First Bite Words 35522 1 Cream

Hey Cupcake Stripes 21972

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